Monday, November 07, 2005

Shameless commercial plug

I believe I have mentioned Viva's great love of Noggin. I love it too, mainly because they have kids' music that is actually creative, smart, and catchy, as opposed to formulaic, saccharine, and groan-inducing. One of my favorites is the following song, sung by Moose A. Moose as an interstitial segment (yes, I did used to work in television, marginally, hence the jargon):

Days are the sunniest
Jokes are the funniest
Rabbits are the bunny-est
Hives are the honey-est
Elephants the ton-niest
Troubles - they're the none-iest
Everywhere I go!

Straws are the bendiest
Time is the spendiest
Cards are the send-iest
Books are the lend-iest
Fun's the pretend-iest
Friends are the friend-iest
Everywhere I go!

Berries are the fruity-est
Shoes are the boot-iest
Puppies are the cutie-est
Treasure is the loot-iest
Teams are the root-iest
Horns are the toot-iest
Everywhere I go!

Birds are the tweet-iest
Candy is the sweet-iest
Socks are the feet-iest
Tricks are the treat-iest
Drums are the beat-iest
Lunch is the eat-iest
Everywhere I go!

Flowers are the smelliest
Jams are the jelly-est
Rain's the umbrell-iest
Tales are the tell-iest
Wishing is the well-iest
Buttons are the belly-est
Everywhere I go!

Skies are the blue-iest
Cows are the moo-iest
Gum is the chewiest
Ghosts are the boo-iest
Goo is the gooey-est
You can be your you-iest
Everywhere I go!

There you have it. Go forth, and join the cult of Moose and Zee!

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sploo said...

What's even better about Noggin is that it becomes The N in the evenings. Degrassi - it goes there.