Wednesday, March 01, 2006

She Can Bring Home the Bacon and Fry It Up in a Pan

My sister-in-law, Diva, is applying for a new job and she's asked me to help her with her resume. She is asking for my help, not because she doesn't have a resume put together, but because she has two resumes - one personal and one political - and a bio, and she's trying to use all three to find a job in a new field. This new field is one in which she has very transferable skills. Diva is a bit of a powerhouse, to be honest, and I can't imagine anything that she'd be bad at if she put her mind to it. Looking over her resumes and bio, I am feeling a bit of a slacker. She is married with two teenage boys, has a full-time job, and she goes to school at night (working on her Bachelor's degree) and on weekends. Not only does she find time to go to her son's basketball games and even take Viva overnight once a month, but she also started her own foundation to provide scholarships for young athletes, she follows real estate trends and helped us buy investment property, and she is active at her kids's school and in political and social causes. She belongs to five political groups, and recently attended a conference on the black state of the union in Houston. She is always involved in something.

I admit I have never been much of a joiner, and apathy should be my middle name when it comes to involvement in the political process, particularly after the 2000 Presidential elections. But I envy her energy and her determination. Seeing it all down on paper kind of blows my mind.

There, now I should actually stop writing here and get back to work on merging all her stuff. Still, I am in a bit of a pickle and that's probably why I stopped to write this out. Conventional wisdom tells us that you shouldn't include information on your resume that indicates race, religion or political affiliation -- despite the fact that it's illegal to discriminate based on same. Diva is a member of a church, is very obviously a Democrat due to the many Democratic campaigns she's worked on and the Democratic clubs she belongs to, and is also a member of a variety of Black/African American political groups and subgroups. The activities that she's undertaken as part of these groups - her community service, in essence - are what qualify her for consideration for this new job she wants. I'm just having trouble figuring out how to word things.

How did I get involved, you ask? Because I am the de facto editor for pretty much everything anyone in my circle writes. People are always asking me to proofread and/or edit their stuff. I don't mind it, but I am a bit of a perfectionist about it, which can be annoying (mainly to me, because it takes me forever). I guess that's why people come to me, though...

I am gud at this riting thing.

Okay, now, seriously, I'm gone.

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