Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

Don't you hate when
  • You've been running around all morning in the rain doing pre-birthday stuff *and
  • You come home and find you have a freelance assignment which is due tomorrow and
  • You sit down and crank out the freelance assignment without stopping to eat and
  • You realize it is 3:30 and you are starving and will have to leave soon to pick up your kid and
  • You sprint into the kitchen trying to find a fast snack and
  • You open the kitchen cabinet and
  • A half a box of Barilla cellentani falls out and explodes all over the floor?
I know, me too. That sucked.

I wish I had more time to post today. Things on my mind: immigration reform, walkouts in L.A. (I actually got partially caught up in one yesterday), South Dakota, my new obsession with Bill Maher, the odds that it will rain this weekend since we are having Viva's party at a park, and a giant zit that is threatening to erupt within my left eyebrow. (I wanted to say under my left eyebrow, but that's not accurate. It's actually underneath -- i.e. covered by -- my left eyebrow. Sigh. You call it navel-gazing, I call it morbidly fascinating.)

* Have I mentioned that we're doing two parties? Two days in a row? One at school on Friday and one at the park on Saturday? And evidently I need to prepare food and goody bags for each one. How did I get caught up in this?

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trebs said...

Wow, I wish you the best for a sunny weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVA! The 3rd birthday is stressful, as they now know what it is all about! We opted for the Peter-Piper-Pizza route, so that we didn't have to clean anything up, but even then, I was stressed over how many tokens per kid, who do we pay for, do we give gift bags to kids who didn't come... my theory is: 1 kid birthday = 1 uninterrupted mother's day at the spa!!