Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mindless Self Indulgence

I have been trying to post a selection of photos for your viewing pleasure, but alas and alack, the Internet gods have seen fit to mess with me once more and I can't seem to get the photos to come out even remotely the same size. Since it is a comparative photo exercise, this is pissing me off. The original photos are all the same size, but Blogger seems to be resizing two of them to teeny tiny postage stamps, and the other two are normal. A pox on all things technological!


The rain may have changed our party plans, but Viva still had a great time. We ended up with eight kids between the ages of 2 and 9 rampaging around my living room, along with Poppy the Clown. Now, I know some kids are afraid of clowns, but Poppy was a sweet little clown and pretty much everyone except my youngest nephew was totally cool with her -- and even he didn't freak out. He just told his mom he didn't want to watch the clown and he went into Viva's room and played with all her toys. (He did come out for food and to get a balloon animal later.) Viva is still talking about her party, to wit: "You know what my favorite part of my birthday was? When I was holding two bunny rabbits and everybody said HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVA MAGIC, POOF! and then there were LOTS of bunny rabbits and my daddy said Oh my Goodness, how did you do that and that was my favorite part!"

That was part of the magic show.

Perhaps equally as magical: we said farewell to the baby monitor and the bedrail this weekend. We are no longer parents of anyone even remotely resembling a baby. She wears underpants, for God's sake. And let me just stop right there for a minute, because there is nothing weirder than being used to your kid having the giant duck ass created by the bulge of a diaper under her clothes, and then having her switch over to underpants and looking like she has lost five pounds. And she is only 29 pounds to begin with. Whenever I see her in just her panties and realize what a string bean she is, I have to sit down because my heart is palpitating.


So, some time ago, Sweet William was channel surfing, and he came across Namaste TV. Perhaps he thought it might have something to do with yoga, which is one of his passions, or perhaps he didn't even realize what it was. But God love him, and God love our fake TiVo, because Namaste TV was playing videos, and the second he saw this particular video*, he hit "record" with great quickness. He says, and I quote, "As soon as I saw it, I knew you would love it."

I wish I could describe to you the beauty -- the sheer fabulousness -- of this video. I fell in love with the singer the instant I saw her, because she is just so fucking fabulous you just can't NOT love her. It is one of those things I keep in my emergency mental file cabinet in case I am feeling bummed out. Sadly, I had no idea who the singer was/what her name was. But that was okay. It was enough that she existed and made this incredible video.

However! Today I was doing some research for a freelance gig, and I came across the home page for Carnegie Hall -- and oh my God, there she was! And I am not alone, because apparently she is hugely popular and has been called the "Elvis of India." And well she should be, because, and I don't think I can say this enough -- she. Is. FAB.U.LUSS. A Bollywood legend. And she is now (I believe) 72 years old. And yes, still (you guessed it) fabulous.

That made my day. Simple pleasures (for the simple-minded, I guess).

* Which I can't find a link for. Why must the Internets deny me?


So, at Viva's party this weekend were some friends we hadn't seen in a while. Sweet William has two friends he went to law school with and we were all pregnant at the same time and all had our first kids within a few months of one another. Well, at the party, we found out that one of these friends is expecting again. The other friend lives up in the Bay Area. I asked Sweet William if he had heard from this other friend and what was up with her. He said he was wondering the same thing.

I guess he called her, because he just called me to tell me that she is pregnant too -- a little girl, due in June.

"Don't you come near me," I said to him.

"I was gonna come near you tonight, too!" he said.

"Don't even breathe in my direction," I said.

What is going on? Is money raining from the sky for everyone but us?


I still haven't seen this movie, but props to Losanjealous for keeping on top of the late-breaking news all over the Southland. If it weren't for them, I would probably be wasting my time watching a high-speed freeway chase right now.

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