Friday, April 28, 2006

Vroom Vroom, Putt Putt, Sputter...

I know, I know, it is all too easy to complain about gas prices, but my friends, I must. My gas light came on when I was driving Viva to school, so after I dropped her off, I stopped to fill up my tank. At $3.25 a gallon. For REGULAR UNLEADED, 87 OCTANE. Yes, I am screaming (figuratively), because it cost me $50.01 to fill up my sedan -- and that's only because I stopped pumping. My cost actually could have been higher, but when I hit $49 and change, I stopped letting the gas run and just tapped the handle a few times, as one would if one wanted to "top off" a full tank. Except my damn tank wasn't full.

Yesterday, at the northeast corner of Melrose and Highland, the Union 76 station had these prices advertised:

$3.32 REGULAR (87)
$3.43 MID-GRADE (89)
$3.53 PREMIUM (91)

Yikes. Time to buy a bike.

In related news, I found reports of a new trend on SoCal freeways, thanks to Franklin Avenue. Apparently, there is a publicly-funded patrol that rescues stranded motorists who have run out of gas (or have other automotive problems). They will bring you a free gallon of gas. Now, due to the escalating gas prices, there are allegedly people out there who are deliberately driving the freeways on "E" and then stalling out and waiting for their free gas.

Wow. And according to the owner of one of the freeway patrol companies, "I think it is going to be more drastic when the price of gas is closer to $4 a gallon." Well, yeah. You can read the article in its entirety here, if you care to.


And, belatedly, in follow up to one of my commenters who asked about the veracity of the Planned Parenthood story I posted about: I have received a response from PPFA (the national arm of Planned Parenthood) that they have indeed confirmed the veracity of the story, but are not releasing details like name and specific location due to the age of the girl involved. This is pretty much what I suspected, since she is under 18. If anyone is looking for proof at that level, I don't know how they could actually prove it, since they would be violating her privacy to do so. That would be a further violation of her trust after all she has evidently been through already, so I do not expect them to budge on that, and quite frankly, I would be horrified if they did.


That's it for now, kids. See you in the funny pages!

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