Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sisterhood is Powerful

This is outrageous. The latest from Planned Parenthood:
Sound the Alarm: Fake "Clinics"

When a 17-year-old Indiana girl walked into what she thought was a Planned Parenthood clinic, her mother and boyfriend beside her, she never imagined that it was a trap — a deceitful setup by anti-choice zealots, who then came to her high school and humiliated her.
Apparently, some "pro-life" extremists are setting up and advertising these "crisis pregnancy centers" across the country. They advertise as if they offer a full range of reproductive health care, but when patients arrive, they are met with anti-choice propaganda, intimidation, and in extreme cases (as above), harassment.

You can take action and read more about this sickening practice by visiting the Planned Parenthood Action website -- they're asking people to contact their elected representatives to support the passage of HR 5052, "to direct the Federal Trade Commission to prescribe rules prohibiting fraudulent advertising of abortion services." There's a more comprehensive article here, which I urge you to read if you can.

Whew. I need to sit down. Wait, I am sitting down. Why is the room still spinning?

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KT4JC said...

I saw the same story (from here:

I have been unable to find anything about this in the news, and the scenario seems very unlikely. When would a crisis pregnancy center refer a girl to Planned Parenthood? Also, how would a person not be able to distinguish which office is Planned Parenthood's? Planned Parenthood must have some sort of sign, otherwise, how would anyone find it?

Have you verified it? Or is this yet another example of Planned Parenthood's lies?

Lisa Blah Blah said...

That's a fair question, and I have a message in to Planned Parenthood. We'll see what they say. I have not seen any news stories on this either.

However, given that pro-life extremists have bombed clinics and killed abortionists, I don't find this scenario of a girl being intimidated and harassed all that unlikely. As to your first question, the story doesn't say anywhere that the crisis pregnancy center referred the girl to Planned Parenthood. As to why she wound up in the wrong place, it does say that the two clinics share a parking lot. Maybe clinic workers from the other clinic guided her to the wrong place; maybe she didn't speak English; who knows? We don't have all the details, and yes, that is due to PP's omission.

It appears from your post that you are disinclined to give any credibility to Planned Parenthood, but I have never had reason to question it.