Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Exceeding Every Expectation


So, remember my interview yesterday? This morning, I hadn't even finished typing out the text of the notes I was going to then rewrite by hand (because yes, I am just that anal) when I received a message from the place I interviewed with yesterday afternoon. They want to set up a meeting with me and the President & CEO of this place.

I wonder if it's because I took my bottled water with me after the interview? I mean, they offered it, and I drank part of it. Was I supposed to return it? Am I in trouble?

Or must I meet with this woman because they do, in fact, want to offer me a million dollars, a corner office, a masseuse and personal chef? Oh, and dental. Don't forget dental.

The next interview isn't until next week, so we'll all have to suffer until then.


Speaking of suffering: damn Lakers lost, so on to Game 6. And what fresh hell is this? Kwame Brown is finally a factor on this team and he gets charged with sexual assault. He is either (a) a dumbass, not to mention a sorry excuse for a human being, if this is true; or (b) still not very bright, if the charges are false. I know that only he and his accuser know what truly happened. But why put yourself into a situation where there might be any doubt?

Innocent until proven guilty. I really hope this is not true.


Viva's Preschool/Pre-K Spring Show is scheduled for this Friday, May 5th. She will be dressed as a firefighter, singing "Hurry, hurry, drive the firetruck," and it promises to be The Most Adorable Thing Ever Seen. Ever. Except. It looks like there's a slight possibility it might rain, and this being Southern California, and it being MAY, the show is supposed to take place outside. Lawd, Jesus.

Keep your fingers crossed.


In my online reading about the rising gas prices here in the U.S., I came across this article about "Little women in big SUVs," a surprise hit on NPR's Cartalk, which has propelled it to iTunes. Here's a link to the lyrics and a link to video with the song on CNN.

What is funny about this is the women who watch it and seem to think it's not about them, because they're not 90 pounds. It is so, so hard to hear anything with one's head in the sand, though -- so I understand the confusion. Honestly, I do.

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