Monday, May 15, 2006

Operation Get A Job 2006: Results Pending

I have two posts in mind and I hope I get to put both of them on here. I am a little jittery this morning because (a) I just drank one of these and I haven't eaten anything yet today; and (b) my mother-in-law called me to tell me that my prospective employer called one of my referrals (who my MIL works with), got a glowing reference, and told her that she'd be making me an offer today. I did a salary survey online for similar jobs in the LA area and realized I've been underestimating how much this job is worth, so I'm ready for any salary negotiations. My prospective employer called and left a message while I was out at the supermarket this morning; I called back but didn't reach her, so we are caught up in phone tag and my stomach lining appears to be eating itself.

Deep breaths. Everything will be fine.

I am also waiting for an assignment from my freelance client. Oops, I forgot I need to invoice him today. I am wondering if I should just continue freelancing for him a couple of times a week for a while even if I accept this job -- it's not hard work, and I can usually finish a project in a few hours' time, so I could technically do this on weekends. I dunno. We will have to discuss.

God, I'm nervous. How weird. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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