Friday, May 19, 2006

A Little Peace...and Quiet

There is a helicopter circling overhead, flying so low that my seat, not to mention the rest of my apartment, is shuddering. Since I am going to have to leave fairly soon to go pick up Viva, I would prefer it if whatever police chase/news story is going on would oh-so-nicely move itself just a few blocks north and west. Just a wee little bit. Just a smidge. Thanks!

I haven't seen anything on this next tidbit in the mainstream news, but perhaps that's because I haven't been looking. Evidently our esteemed president has issued a proclamation declaring May 29 as "a day of prayer for permanent peace." WHAT?! Isn't this also the joker who proudly labeled himself our "War President"?? Alternet's Bob Geiger says it better than I can: Irony alert: Bush asks people to pray for peace. Favorite quote: "Isn't this just a bit like Charles Manson declaring a mental-health day?"

Permanent peace, indeed. I've got his permanent peace right here!

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