Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Cows and Chickens...

...are goin' to the dickens

I love you a bushel and a peck,
You bet your pretty neck I do...

So I bought this CD recently during my trip to Kidspace with Viva, and I know that musical taste is very subjective. Let me state for the record that I hate pretty much almost every kids' CD that has darkened the door of our household.

But this one, I like. Not all the songs, but many. How could you not like a song titled "Bananaphone," particularly when it features a banjo so prominently? So I am listening to this CD a lot, and I like the lyrics to this one particular song, and I actually went ahead and read the liner notes, and I discovered that it's a song from Guys and Dolls. As in, the musical.

Are you aware of my distaste for the musical genre? It's one of those things that I just can't explain to people who love love LOVE musicals, but it's an ongoing problem for me. I find many Disney movies unwatchable for this reason. Well, many Disney movies are unwatchable for a variety of reasons, but the fact that the characters break into song every few minutes? Definitely not a plus for me.

But now, oh my God, I have a showtune stuck in my head. Help! Help!

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