Friday, July 08, 2005

Trick Question

Quick! What's more fun than trying to toilet train a 2-year-old?

(a) Toilet training a 2-year-old with diarrhea
(b) Realizing said 2-year-old, due to diarrhea, will not be napping today
(c) Sticking a piece of wire through your hand accidentally (well, one would hope accidentally, wouldn't one?)

Well, you've already realized this is a trick question, so I screwed up already. Story of my life.

Ironically, earlier today, I called Sweet William and told him, "We need to have another baby. This one's getting too big."

Well, sweetie, I take it back.

Sweet William and I are off to Phoenix tomorrow (with Diva and Big Mike) to meet the property manager for our house* and, presumably, write many, many checks for things like paintin' and shingle fixin' and all that fun stuff. I am hopeful that I will have many bloggable stories to share upon our return. I promise in advance not to mention the ungodly heat.

* Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you, we closed. We are officially homeowners. Too bad we won't actually be living in the house.

Dear God. Viva is now screaming from her crib, where I am insisting she sits and has "quiet time" for at least half an hour, since she's not taking a nap. I fear she may have to visit her friend Senor Potty once more. The prospect is positively cringe-worthy.

Kiss kiss, ta ta and all that. I'm off to deal with shit.

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