Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I can't think of a snazzy title

I am sorry to report that today I went to have two cavities drilled and filled. I have always had very lovely teeth, by which I mean they have always been strong and healthy and I've never had issues with them. I was horrified to learn at my last checkup that I had two cavities and that my dentist, the esteemed Dr M, was also placing a "watch" on one of my upper front teeth! He thinks I may have a cavity developing there but it's hard to tell because it's on the side of one of my front teeth. You know that very small area between your two front teeth? That's where he's been trying to look. I guess he could take an X-ray or something. I am just picturing myself, three years hence, as some toothless old crone gumming my food, while my vibrant, youthful husband eats corn on the cob -- but I guess that's because I have an overactive imagination.

Sweet William hates corn on the cob.

Dr. M also told me that it's common for women to develop cavities after a pregnancy because during the pregnancy (and perhaps due to breastfeeding, post-partum?) you lose calcium. One more thing to hold against my Viva-love.

Anyway, I didn't eat anything before I went to the dentist, because I was preoccupied with getting Viva's hair done (it looks BEYOND cute this morning*) and getting food into her and getting myself dressed and out the door by 8:15. I had two sips of coffee and that's it. Now it's 11:43 and my Novocaine hasn't yet worn off, so I still can't eat. The dental assistant told me to rinse after they finished. Was that some sort of sick joke? I drooled water all down my chin. I am so sexy right now -- who wants a piece of this?

*Viva's hair is parted into small triangles (probably about 10) all over her head, each with a brightly colored ponytailer holding it together, and then twisted into twisties about three inches long. Oh my GOD. For this I need a digital camera. Click here to see a little cutie pie whose hair looks sort of similar (the twists, the twists, people! So cute!)

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