Friday, July 01, 2005

Revisiting my New Year's, Er, Goals

Hey, remember how I said I don't like to make New's Year's Resolutions, that I prefer to make goals? (I know it all seems just a bunch of semantic bullshit, but if you know me even a little bit, you know I am all about these subtle nuances of language.) I was thinking to myself just now, I need to learn Web design. I am sick of the limitations of other people's templates, etc. and I realized that this is on my list of goals for 2005.

So, here we are, half-way through the year, and I think this is as good a time as any for a self-assessment.

My original goals were:

1. Learn Web design

2. Improve my overall physical, spiritual, and emotional health

3. Have more sex

4. Start freelancing again

5. Overcome my newfound addiction to microwave popcorn

Hmmmm...have not done anything about the first one aside from bookmarking a couple of sites and researching stuff like Typepad and Movable Type. Which means, I guess, that I have actually done something about it, but still have not yet actually taught myself to do it. Seems like I'd better get my ass in gear because no doubt by the time I learn it, it will be outdated.

Health: I have been doing yoga and have seen my doctor to try and take control of my physical well-being. Spiritually, uhh -- I have been praying more and even trying to meditate when I can. These moments are few and far between. I still have not gone to church. Emotionally: I am just as repressed with my family as I always have been. Well, no, I have to give myself some credit and say that I have been a lot more honest with my sister, and a lot more in her face, than previously. Just not doing so well with my mom right now.

Sex: Sweet William was horrified that I wrote that in the first place. "You make it sound like I'm not getting any!" he said. That wasn't my intention at all. Sex is natural, sex is good, we should all have more of it, don't you think? But sadly for you, I am going to respect his privacy and not discuss this here. (But I think I have improved. Tee hee.)

Freelancing: Blech. I did start freelancing again, technically. But I still haven't really gotten off the ground, and I need to.

Popcorn: I've fallen off the wagon a couple of times. It's hard to kick that habit...but at least I haven't replaced it with something worse. I mean, I could be doing heroin, right? Although that's so passe.

So, basically, I have been making small but steady changes in my life, most of which relate to these goals which I had totally forgotten about until I started reading through my blog archives. I have the attention span of a -- wait, what was that?

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