Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I know how enjoyable it must be for you to read about what a weepy mess I am since I started this new job. But if I didn't have this new job, I couldn't tell you about what happened at work yesterday, and how giddy I was at the sheer Dilbertness of it all.

About mid-morning yesterday, this e-mail went out to all staff in our building:

Good morning!

After a complete service check on the refrigerator in the staff lounge of
suite 700, it has been determined that the cooling mechanism is inoperable. To complete the repair we will need everyone’s cooperation. Please remove any items you currently own in the refrigerator or freezer. There is another refrigerator available in the staff lounge in suite 725 to store your items. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will have this repaired ASAP.

Okay, fine. But 40 minutes later, we all received the following message (labeled HIGH IMPORTANCE) from a staff person whose cubicle is right outside said staff lounge:

Jesus is moving any left items on the refrigerated that have not been removed by now.

For a moment there, I thought the Messiah had come and was removing the "left items," in which case, I can see why this would be a message of HIGH IMPORTANCE. That would be kind of cool, especially because 6/6/06 just passed without anything truly unusual happening. But sadly, no.

Ah, the work world. I see now what I've been missing...

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