Friday, June 23, 2006

No Mickey Mousin' Around

I don’t have time today to write something altogether witty which will change the lives of everyone who reads it. What I can give you is my fallback position, to wit: my ongoing Vivamentary (Viva + commentary, or Viva + documentary, or, oh, whatever the hell).

Viva is going on a field trip today to, of all places, Chuck E. Cheese. I have never in my life been to a Chuck E. Cheese, nor has she. She is beyond excited and it is all she could talk about for the past 24 hours, which brings us to this morning:

Viva: Are you going to be with me at Chuck E. Cheese?
Mama: No, I have to go to work, baby.
Viva: Oh. Are you going to have fun at work like at Chuck E. Cheese?
Mama: Honey, there is no way I’m having as much fun as you are today.

About twenty minutes later:

Mama: You know, I’m not even sure where it [Chuck E. Cheese] is.
Viva [solemnly]: That’s because Chuck E. Cheese is a far new land.

I forgot to mention that she woke up screaming at 2:30 this morning, having a nightmare about bugs, and when I rushed into the room, the first thing she said was, tearfully, “I’m going to be late for Chuck E. Cheese!” presumably because she realized she wasn’t going to get enough sleep.

I hope that it’s all that she thinks it is, and more. It is, after all, “where a kid can be a kid.” I kind of think preschool itself is where a kid can be a kid, but maybe I’m just a killjoy.


Cee in SF said...

Last week, my Tai Chi (not Cheese) instructor said that her child wanted a b-day party at Chunky Cheese. When we told her it was really Chuck E. Cheese, it confused her even more. Chunky Cheese sounds much more delightful. Hope Viva's far away land is all she hopes it will be.

E. said...

If I had a choice between going to Chunky Cheese and Chuck E. Cheese, I'd choose Chunky over Chuck any day. I've never been to Chuck E. Cheese, and I'm sort of scared to go. Even when I was a kid, the commercials sort of freaked me out.

Really, I just want to stay home with some Chunky Monkey.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

I am still baffled by Chuck E. Cheese, but perhaps that's because I have not yet darkened its doors. Viva had the time of her life.

e: Chunky Monkey so totally rules all! Dude!