Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay (or not)

So clearly, this job thing is cutting into my blogging time. Who would have thought?

For now, I have decided I will compose brief blog entries at work in Word, as a break in between doing the very important work that I do. I will then e-mail said entries to my personal e-mail address. And then I will post later, at home, whenever I can get access to my computer. Since I have a work event tonight, it doesn’t look very hopeful.*

I wish I had some dirt to dish which would make this more interesting, but so far, work is going well. My colleagues are delightful – they work hard but have fun doing it. Of course, because it is right now so perfect, it may not last. We are all worried because the company is doing some restructuring, and the laid-back, really cool, totally together boss** of our department is moving to a new position. They will begin looking to fill her current position at the end of the summer. She will be on the search committee, thank God, and I think she has good instincts (after all, she hired me). So maybe this will not be a bad thing.

Other than that – oh, my dear friend Cee has started her own blog, and much to my shame, she has actually been writing regularly. She has realized that you can pretty much blog about anything and she dreams of writing about toilet paper and the like. Check her out rightchere, discussing her deep love of U2.

Okay, back to work. Tune in again later, when I count paper clips in real time!

* I lied, I’m posting from work because I actually have the time. See what a slacker I am?

** Who, by the way, is a published novelist, I just found out -- getting ready to release her fourth book. Told you she was cool.

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