Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm on Vacation!

Checking in to say I'm on vacation. Quick rundown:

Viva's first few days at new school: somewhat disappointing. Her teacher called her by the wrong name the entire first day. Ma and Pa Blah Blah very unhappy. Viva confused. Hopeful things will improve. We are, after all, paying an obscene amount of money to send her there.

Number of times we've been to the movies so far on vacation: 0.

Number of times we've eaten out: 3?

Number of car dealerships we've been to: 2

Number of test drives: 0

Number of cars bought: 0

Number of cars we currently own serviced by a mechanic this week: 2

How many days until my birthday: 1!

Sorry so short. More later...

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