Thursday, August 25, 2005

Petty Problems, Go Away. Come Again -- Well, Never. Duh.

You may want to skip this part of my entry, as it is way too self-absorbed, but I need to bitch somewhere. Thus: I have been car shopping. Sweet William went ahead and bought his Jeep, and the lease on my Passat is fast drawing to a close. I am not interested in buying the car, because it is tainted by (a) VW's horrible customer service; and (b) having to visit the mechanic at least three times this year. So I did all my research on midsize sedans, and I decided on the Saab 9-5. It's really safe, an IIHS Best Pick, it has the European styling/handling I like, and since Saab is now owned by GM, they have incredible finance deals. I took one for a test drive yesterday. You know what? Not so much. I was surprised. Not crazy about it. And if I am plunking down a wad of cash, I want it to be for something I am wild for.

So I came home and scanned through the Internets again. And I am not liking anything. I was going to drive to Glendale today and do some comparison shopping, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I hate cars today.

Cover Your Mouth!

Viva has a cough, and thus I have a cough. I have been having trouble sleeping because I keep waking myself up to cough. And that wakes up Sweet William, so I get up out of bed to go read on the couch, whereupon he says, "Come back to bed! You are a mess when you don't get enough sleep." See, this is where he is wrong. I am a mess, regardless.

Needless to say, I am tired.

It Really Is!

I found a postcard in one of my library books. Someone started writing a lovely thank you note and trailed off. Here is the entire text: "Dear Sally, Thank you for the birthday & engagement gifts. It's really of you" Poor thing. I bet whoever it was, they were tired as shit and then they went and wasted a perfectly nice card because there was no way to edit the card without making it look not-too-well-thought-out. The front shows an Andy Warhol image of a shoe (similar to this), which tells me that this person was really kind of making an effort at being both hip and well-mannered. It's a crying shame, is all it is.

Leaning Tower of Babble

Heard recently around Casa de Blah Blah:

"I can clean it! I'm da man!" [Viva, using her washcloth to scrub the side of the tub]

"NO. The color red is not fun!" [Viva, asserting her twoness.]

"You are GIANT WALK." [I have no idea what she is talking about.]

Oh, Internet Friends, I have something that I so want to share with you, but it would be violating the privacy of one of Viva's little schoolmates. But one of these kids has the most fabulous name EVER. Both her first and last names are the last names of very famous fashion designers. I don't think I can do it justice, but it would be like naming your kid Dior Versace. But better! Damn my ethics all to hell!

Operation Get A Job 2005, continued

It looks like I may have a job interview next week. The job is downtown, which kind of sucks. I am still hoping the perfect well-paying, 30-hour-a-week position will miraculously materialize so I won't have to leave Viva in school a full 8 hours. But I am thinking this is a pipe dream. Ergh.

Camp Rosecoloredglasses

After reading my last post, Sweet William told me he thought I painted too rosy a picture of our camping trip. "You forgot to mention that I spent the night on that horrible bed [i.e., the master bed with the foam mattreess in the RV, right next to the bathroom, which people were oh-so-covetous of] holding my feet in the air, in agony because they were burning and itching and falling off," he says. Duly noted. I think I did mention that he was miserable. I guess I meant to say that he was wretchedly miserable. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we couldn't park the Jeep right by the campsite; we had to park it in hell, also known as Lot A, Overnight Parking. Had the Jeep actually been parked behind the RV, we might have either (a) slept in it; or (b - who am I kidding?) gotten in it and driven away as fast as our little urban leadfeet could take us. So there you have it. Consider yourself updated.

Gather 'Round for Geekfest 2005

My fellow wordfreaks have gotten their panties in a bunch about this. Of course, it is gramatically incorrect, and how thankful I am that someone noticed. What's next?

Trying to come up with some cheeky catchphrase with which I will end these posts. Accepting applications now!


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