Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Right Stuff

Earlier today...

Viva: Want to go to Pinky Donuts?

Mama Blah: Sure, where is it?

Viva: We have to go in the spaceship.

MB: Okay –

[We both get into the spaceship, which consists of a blanket stretched across a chair and her bed rail. We both start driving; i.e., pretending to steer a nonexistent steering wheel.]

Viva: NO! I DRIVE!

MB: Oh, all right. So where is Pinky Donuts?

Viva: It’s way up there.

MB: Oh, like on another planet?

Viva: Yes.

MB: That’s far. Is it, like, in the Fourth Galaxy?

Viva: Yeah.

MB: Wow, those must be some good donuts.


MB: They don’t?

Viva: NO!

MB: But they’re Pinky Donuts! What a rip-off! So what do they sell?

Viva: Cheese!

MB: Oh. We’re driving all the way to the Fourth Galaxy for cheese?

Viva [defensively]: Yeah.

MB: This better be some good cheese. What kind of cheese is it?

Viva: Dinky cheese.

MB: Dinky cheese?

Viva: Yeah. Dinky stinky cheese.

MB: Dinky stinky cheese?! So we’re driving across four galaxies for small, smelly pieces of cheese??

Viva: Yeah, Mom.

MB: Hold on – stop the spaceship, I need to get my notebook.

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