Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Breezily hilarious

By the way, Viva is at home today due to morning lethargy mixed with general grumpiness and congested sinus passages, which led me to conclude she should not be around other human beings besides me and her father. She has watched approximately 12 hours of public television, including horrible shows I would ordinarily not tolerate (e.g., Caillou. Why must he whine so much? I just want to slap him.). She has taken a 45-minute shower, about which she screamed for a good three minutes when I put her in, insisting "I don't want it!" and slapping the shower door with a spoon, and then refusing to get out until she was wrinkled like a 102-year-old woman.

She's not taking a nap.*

I have a deadline tomorrow.

Of course.

* Right now, on the baby monitor, I can hear her stage whispering, "I am sleeping. I am sleeping. I am sleeping...WAIT! Is it wake time?" Oh. My. God.

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