Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In Which Our Heroine Pulls on Her Feminista Shitkicking Stilettos

I don’t often rant and rave over political issues, mainly because I (a) don’t consider myself particularly well-informed; and (b) would not stop ranting and raving, once begun.

But this – oh, and this -- blows my mind.

I can’t believe that there is now a whole pharmacists’ rights movement via which pharmacists are refusing to dispense contraception (emergency and otherwise) because it conflicts with their personal beliefs. Can you believe this shit? So if you are raped and want to prevent pregnancy? Well, sucks to be you. And if you have sex voluntarily and use a condom and the condom breaks, and you might want a backup form of birth control so you don’t have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy? Well, forget you. Why are you having non-procreative sex in the first place?

Click here if you’d like to send a message to Target telling them how much their policy sucks.

Oh, and another thing. If you are in California and registered to vote in the upcoming ridiculous special election, consider voting NO on Prop. 73. This is a ploy for parental consent if a teenager becomes pregnant and seeks an abortion. I think it is crap. If you already have a shaky relationship with your teenage daughter and she has to make a choice between dropping this bomb on you or having a risky, illegal abortion, nine times out of ten I would think she would choose not to tell you.

Don’t get me wrong. I would rather my kid not ever be in this position in the first place. But if this were the situation, I would rather she be able to undergo a safe, medical procedure and not have to endure the added stress of either a court fight to get a judicial bypass (so she wouldn’t have to talk to me, the mean mom) or actually talking to me, if she could tell from past experience that I was going to flip out on her due to my personal beliefs about abortion. This is assuming that I undergo some radical political/religious transformation and become a completely different person, of course.

I am pro-choice, and I plan to share my views with Viva as she gets older. That is my prerogative as a parent. A principal part of my job as her mother is to keep her safe and informed.

Down off my soapbox, now. Who wants to talk about shoes? Anyone?


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Willistyle: You must be responding to a previous post...? Is everyone trying to confuse me today?

Daniel said...

Just to be clear, Prop. 73 is not about parental consent - rather it requires parental notification in person or by mail. Even then, the text of the law clearly states that “notification would be presumed to have occurred as of noon on the second day after the written notice was mailed.”

The only time parental consent comes into the picture is if the girl's guardian wishes to waive the 48-hour "reflection" period and let their daughter have the abortion sooner than the law would allow.

You can read the text of the law here: