Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Get Lost, 2005!

Hello, and Happy (Belated) New Year! Wow, it's January 3rd already -- this year is just flying by, i'nt it?

I hate to dwell on the negative, but -- oh, who are we kidding, we all know I live to dwell on the negative, right? Let me just say that 2005 kind of sucked for me personally, and I'm not sad to see it go. So, 2005 -- don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Be gone, and with the quickness!

I for one welcome the beauty and promise of 2006, and pledge faithfully to exercise all the offices and duties therefrom. Or thereof. Oh, whatever.

Recent Viva-isms

"I like my toast dry."
When asked if she would like butter or jam on her toast. Just struck me as not something a 2-year-old would generally have an opinion about.

"We are not two persons. I am a person, but he is not a person."
At bedtime, in reference to her Little Bill* doll. This was her rejection of my explanation that she would not be sleeping alone.

"Jaden said, you are not growing. But I still eat my cheese."
This came completely out of nowhere when we were riding in the car recently. Jaden is one of her schoolmates.

"You have to fuck!"
Um, what she was actually saying was, "You have the fork." But because she had food in her mouth at the time, it came out sounding like that, which, because of how hopelessly immature I am, was funny to me.

More later, I'm off to the post office to buy some .02 stamps. Frickin' postal rate increase. Mad love!

* Later edited to add: I came back to add the link to the Little Bill doll, which is now impossible, because he is out of stock at the Nickelodeon store. He was hard to find and now I can't even get a picture of him up here. Cheezus!

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