Monday, January 30, 2006

Nothing to See Here

Oh my Gawd, I may actually have scored a freelance gig. Keep your fingers crossed, but it looks like a sure thing. Before you get too excited, it's probably going to average less than 10 hours a week and they will pay me hourly, but you know what? I'll get to work from home, writing (i.e., using my brain, to do grown-up stuff, sort of). So you won't hear me complaining, not one little bit.

Status on Viva: still sick, despite copious doses with Children's Triaminic (samples from pediatrician). Still home. Still 2-going-on-3 and thus making every second spent in her presence that much more memorable.

More on writing: I have begun a short essay for a specific publication, only to realize that my original idea has morphed into something rather different (as so often happens) and it probably isn't what they're looking for. I do think it might be publishable elsewhere, but I have to do some research on where...

More on Viva: apparently not napping, and making a huge amount of noise in her room. Later...

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