Friday, January 27, 2006

Simple Pleasures are the Best

Viva is glued to the television set. I admit I am glad for a break while she listens to Laurie Berkner on Jack's Big Music Show. I call my friend, Coolia, to let her know we can't meet up today and that we have an appointment with the pediatrician this afternoon. Viva overhears me and that leads to this exchange:

Viva: 'member when we went to the dentist?
Mama: Yes, I remember.
Viva: I want to go to the dentist. [cough, cough, hack, hack, falls over onto her sleeping bag on the living room floor]
Mama: But, baby, there's nothing wrong with your teeth! How can Dr. M help your cough?
Viva [impatiently]: I don't want to go to the doctor*, I want to go to the dentist!
Mama: Okay, how can the dentist help your cough?
Viva [smiling]: He can do something to my heart!
Mama: Oh, I see. You must really like the dentist. What do you like best about the dentist?
Viva: His cup.
Mama: His cup? Why?
Viva: Because you can spit in the cup when you have water in your mouth, and it swirls!

* Viva refuses to accept the concept that the dentist is actually a doctor. I have caved to this for the moment. You have to choose your battles.

In other world news (literally, sort of): this morning while I was in the shower, someone left a message on our voicemail, entirely in German. Well, almost entirely. He said, "Ciao!" at the end. I love this kind of stuff, so I called Sweet William to tell him to listen to the message. Just as I hung up with him, the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but answered it anyway. A woman started speaking to me in German.

Mama: Excuse me?
German-speaking woman: Oh, hello, this is Helga calling from Germany? Is Elba there?
Mama: I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number.
GSW: Oh, I'm so sorry. [click]

Of course, then I had to call Sweet William back and tell him that apparently someone named Elba has recently moved and given out the wrong number to all her international friends. Hello, international friends! I don't speak German, so I foresee all kinds of hilarious miscommunication coming our way.

Okay, signing off -- Viva has finally dragged herself away from the TV and is insisting I make her a yellow fan. Sayonara...

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