Friday, January 06, 2006

A Smattering

I know, I shouldn't complain, but I went out this morning in jeans, boots, a tanktop and a sweater over it, with a blazer thrown over that, and now, it is:

Feels Like 82°F*

What the hell! A few days ago it was freezing and wet, and now this. Blame it on the ozone layer, which is to say, blame it on pollution by us thoughtless little Earthlings, which is to say, blame it on yourself. Isn't it great that it always comes back to that?

*Many thanks to the Weather Channel for confirming what I already suspected: it's frickin' hot.

Why I Need a Camera Phone, Moment #534

Today, I had lunch with one of my closest and dearest friends, Coolia. We spoke and laughed about many things, pretty much all of which are unpublishable. After lunch, I offered her a ride home, even though her place is within walking distance of the restaurant, mainly because I just adore her and couldn't stand to be without her. At any rate, as we were waiting to pull out onto the street from the restaurant driveway, a ruddy, white-bearded gentleman in a blue sedan motioned for us to pull ahead of him.

Mama Blah [waves and smiles]: Wow! How nice! Thanks, Mr. Claus!

Coolia: Oh my gosh, he does look like Santa Claus!

Mama Blah: Sweetie, his license plate says "Mr [sic] Claus."

Coolia: Oh my GAH! IT DOES!

So you might have thought the Christmas comments were over. You were obviously wrong. I still don't understand why he drives a blue car, though.

Just Because I Can

Viva's grandfather (Wash) gave her this dog many, many moons ago:

Out of all her toys and stuffed animals, this one keeps a certain niche in Viva's heart. He is not her favorite, but he is a steady companion. She changes the doll/toy she sleeps with every night, but he always stays on the bed. For her favorite toys, Viva generally assigns each a name and sticks with it. Not so, this dog. He never has the same name twice. For the past couple of weeks, when I remember to ask her, I've been writing down the Name of the Day. Here is a small sample:

Slummy Eye (my all-time favorite)

The names don't seem to follow any particular pattern. I kind of dig that.

And, finally...

Here's a church I might actually consider going to. At least they have a sense of humor.

Thank you, and good night.

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