Friday, November 03, 2006

A Full-Bodied Blend

“I have this little sister Lola. She is small, and very funny…”

Viva has become quite enamored of the Charlie and Lola show, so much so that she has adopted Lola’s imaginary friend Soren Lorenson as her own. Last night I overheard what appeared to be a very schizophrenic type of conversation (with apologies to any real-life schizophrenics out there) during which Viva appeared to be arguing with herself. In fact, she was arguing with Soren Lorenson.

At bedtime, Viva and Soren Lorenson had a sleepover, during which they whispered and giggled until they fell asleep – but not before Soren Lorenson screamed for “Viva’s mom” to come back into the room and turn on the sleepytime CD.

This morning, Viva announced that she and Soren Lorenson both required a waffle and orange juice and vitamins. Upon receipt of said items, both said thank you, and insisted that I say “You’re welcome” to both, separately.

In the car on the way to school, Soren Lorenson sat in an invisible car seat directly behind me and kicked the seat. After I told him he could get out and walk to school, he stopped and fell into more whispered conversation with Viva.

I am not opposed to Soren Lorenson, as long as he does not require me to wipe his bum after he’s used the toilet.


So I just mailed off our absentee ballots this morning. I hope they get there in time, because as we all know, every vote counts. Sweet Dub and I registered as absentee voters due to the fiasco of the last presidential election. My polling place was three blocks from our apartment, and it took me 3½ hours to vote. I only had my babysitter scheduled for 4 hours, so hello, that was pretty much my whole kid-free morning. But if I didn’t vote, I figured, the terrorists had won*, so I hung in there bitterly, bitching along with a long line of folks I didn’t know.

Well, no more. I vote by mail. Suckas!

Speaking of voting, if you haven’t done so today, please cast your vote once again for Buddy Lewis to become the next Wandering Golfer. I have watched the videos of all four candidates, and I have to say I know I’m biased, but I think Buddy is the most entertaining. I would watch him, and not just because I know him, but because I think he would bring a richer dimension to the show. He is funny, and he knows golf. He’s fun to watch.

* Sarcasm, I know, what a shock. Actually, my line of thinking went more like, “People died so I can vote, goddammit.” Have I ever told you the story of how my grandparents bought a van and drove it down to Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s so they could donate it for voter registration? It’s a pretty cool story, but perhaps I’ll save that for another day. I mean, I am supposed to blog every day this month. I have to conserve my strength.

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