Friday, November 10, 2006

One-Inch Margins, Double-Spaced

Oh, please. At 3:10 pm on a day when a significant proportion of staff have already left early due to the Veteran's Day holiday, I get a phone call from our president and CEO. A foundation that funded us last year is having a board meeting next week and she wants to know why we haven't submitted anything during this cycle. Could we put together a progress report on what we've been doing, along with a proposal for continued funding and fax it to them Monday or Tuesday?

Have I mentioned that we have already bought tickets for Knott's Berry Farm -- a highly anticipated trip on the part of my little sugar cube -- for Saturday? And that my sister-in-law is supposed to be visiting tonight? And that we are expected at a birthday party on Sunday?

Shit, man. And I hadn't blogged yet today. I was planning to fritter away my Friday afternoon on a nice long post. Ah, ha ha ha -- just kidding.

Who's laughing now? Not me.

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