Monday, November 27, 2006

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Hello? Is it still a holiday? Did no one tell me? I arrived at work at 8:30 this morning to find the front door still alarmed, which was alarming, although I can bypass the alarm by simply scanning my ID card. But I have no idea how to turn off the alarm. And I was, it appeared, the only person here in a suite which holds close to 100 people. It was all very quiet and eerie until our mob of interns appeared at 9:00 AM, full of vim and vigor and loud pronouncements such as, “And I totally meant it like it sounded, you know what I mean?” It’s an odd sort of Valley-speak for college kids who evidently are planning to be social workers or something that requires them to be somewhat articulate. I have to say, since I started working here, I’ve often wondered if social workers take a special class in communication because even the very young ones speak so well (so unlike myself). This is why when I hear that specific brand of Valspeak, I’m taken aback. It’s hard to tune out, which is why I’ve stopped working for a moment and turned to my blog.

I know. Lucky, lucky you!

It’s raining here in Southern California. It is, after all, winter now, but when it rains, I feel a sense of betrayal. Thanks, Albert Hammond.

I think the rain is why everyone’s coming in late. It’s a convenient excuse, at any rate.

Thanksgiving, How I Love Thee

I don’t know if I mentioned that I was in charge of Thanksgiving (well, in my family, anyway – not In Charge of Thanksgiving Across the U.S., because I am just not that organized) this year. I don’t know if this has come across in this blog, but both Sweet Dub and I are rather highly strung at times. What this translates into is two days of us losing our minds cleaning and shopping and cooking, and then collapsing on Friday into little unmotivated puddles of goo, which our child poked at with a stick, moaning plaintively, “I want someone to play with me!”

Nonetheless, my turkey-cooking virginity has been rather painlessly taken from me. The turkey turned out beautifully, the gravy and stuffing in particular were superb, and my God, after catching that minx Rachael Ray on TV a few days earlier, I went ahead with her suggestion for cheesy mashed potatoes. I spent the next few days spouting, “MANCHEGO CHEESE, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?” randomly about the house. The day itself was really mellow – my in-laws came, we ate, we drank, we lit the outdoor fireplace in our backyard and sprawled around and generally just enjoyed ourselves.

Thanksgiving went so well, in fact, that my mother-in-law called the next day to thank us for hosting, tell us what a wonderful time she had, and praise my cooking to the highest. So, yeah, good Turkey Day.

Onward to Festivus and Christmas. Oh Lord, so very tired.

P.S. Special to an unnamed military base in Texas: Thanks for refusing my Fed Ex package of homemade cookies and candy on my 18-year-old nephew’s first Thanksgiving away from home while he is in training to defend this wacked-out country of ours. Let me turn you on to something: they have scanners now? Where you can see what’s inside a package? You might want to look into it. That’s all I’m saying. My oatmeal-walnut-chocolate chip cookies are not a terrorist threat.


themikestand said...

I'm coming out of lurkdom to suggest sending your cookies to Canada next time. We're friendly and we won't turn your cookies away :)


Lisa Blah Blah said...

Ah, lurkdom. I know it well. I checked out your blog and it appears you have actually blogged every day of NaBloWriMo! (I hope I didn't just jinx you.)

As for the cookies, well, yes. If I send you some, can I also send you my other nephew who is soon-to-be-18? You see, I'm fearful the U.S. will reinstitute the draft, and I think my sister-in-law will lose her mind if both kids are in the military.

I won't lie to you, he eats a lot. But you'll have my ever-lasting goodwill. Not to mention the cookies. Yes, they're that good.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Hey, I meant to say kudos on the NaBloWriMo thing. I hate when my brain gets away from me like that...

Cee in SF said...

That sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving! Hurray! MMM, turkey coma...

E. said...

Impressive! I too was born in '68, yet I have yet to host a Thanksgiving. Sounds like yours was smashing.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

How long does the tryptophan coma last? Because I think I just came out of it yesterday afternoon.

Cee in SF said...

The coma lasts until new years. At least it does for me.