Monday, March 09, 2009

Day Eight. Vinyasa Blah Blah.

1. Relieved to read “Renting still beats buying.” Sweet Dub and I have an ongoing conversation about this since we’re not convinced that a 30-year-mortgage is something we should be struggling to obtain.

2. Today is workout day and I’m actually looking forward to it! I think today might be a yoga day.

3. I discovered this new (to me) singer through the magic of NPR and today I created a Pandora station with similar-sounding artists.

4. My boss called me in to her office today and shut the door. Yikes. No, it turns out people where I work are actually fighting over me and approached her to ask if I could work on a project. She is reluctant to let me do it, but agreed I could work with this other department on one creative project a month. (Backstory: I worked with them on occasional projects as a favor until they hired someone new. Now it turns out they like my writing better. Nice!) I am more than happy to get a break from my routine to do something fun.

5. Despite (or maybe because of) the dire economic news, Sweet Dub and I have been talking about taking a REAL vacation this year. “I’ve been working for twelve years and I’ve only ever taken one real vacation,” Sweet Dub says. You know what? Yeah, life is short. Let’s hit the road!


Cee in SF said...

First, I'm all for hitting the road! What fun you'll have in Tahiti!

Next, Pandora rules. Pandora knows best - as long as you give the thumbs up and thumbs down. That is key.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

cee: the only drawback to Tahiti is the 9-trillion-hour plane ride. Happily, many other fine destinations to the south only take a few hours. Better when traveling with the wee ones.

Next, Pandora is really giving me attitude (as in not working properly) while I'm at work. What the hizzle??

P.S. Sometimes I really wish my husband had gone along with my suggestion to call Cily Pandora. Or Paloma. He nixed both names! What the fizzle?