Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Gods Must be Laughing

Lately Sweet Dub has been complaining about his clothes and how he hates them all and needs new stuff, but he never seems to find time to shop. I found out that Macy’s was having a one-day only men’s private sale today and I decided to go downtown on my lunch hour to the Macy’s at 7th and Figueroa. I have never been to this particular Macy’s but it is the closest one to work geographically. As I was walking down to my car, this thought flashed through my mind: “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Foreshadowing much? So here is a conversation I had about 45 minutes later as I was walking back into the building and ran into a smartly-dressed male colleague:

LBB: I just drove downtown to Macy’s.

SDMC: Oh, I’m on my way to Macy’s right now.

LBB: For the men’s secret sale? Did you know they’re closed?

SDMC: The one at 7th and Fig?

LBB: Yeah.

SDMC: Yeah, they had to close that one because of the sucky economy. Why didn’t you go to the other Macy’s?

LBB: What other Macy’s?*

SDMC: There’s another Macy’s one block away, at 7th and Flower.**

LBB: Are you kidding me?? Why would they have two Macy’s so close together?

SDMC: One of them used to be a Robinson’s-May. But that’s why they closed the one at 7th and Figueroa, it was just duplicate business.

LBB: So you‘re going downtown right now? I wish I’d known.

SDMC: No, I’m going to the Beverly Center.

LBB: Wow. Have a nice two hour lunch, slacker.

SDMC: Shut up. Bye.

* Again, the “not being an LA native” thing works against me. Dammit!

** I've since heard that this Macy's sucks.


Cee in SF said...

D'oh. I had actually read that the 7th & Fig Macy's closed. And I'm in SF. I'm just saying... However, I didn't know about the one a block away. Lame.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Are you calling me lame? OMG!!