Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Nine and Feelin’…Meh.

1. Yesterday I was asked to work on some creative projects at work. Today that translated into me writing the cover story for our company newsletter, along with a couple of other articles. That is so much with the coolness!

2. Good and yet not so good: I’ve been watching my money carefully and I was wondering why I had more money in my account than expected – but not enough to really pursue it. Today I was changing purses and I discovered a bill in my purse that I thought I had mailed two weeks ago. Oh, so that’s why I have an extra $779 in my account! Yeah, I’m really tired. It made me laugh at myself.

3. Piggybacking on my husband’s issues with his clothes: I spent ten minutes trying to figure out what to wear this morning. Finding pants that fit, with tops that are warm but not too warm, and coordinating shoes, has become something of a challenge. Where is the grace in this, you ask? Wait for it, wait for it…well, it’s forced me to put together different items in ways I wouldn’t before. Today a random person at work stopped me to compliment me on my outfit. Somehow I made it work. Tune in tomorrow!

4. A friend at work gave me a free tamale this morning. It was yummy. (I see a theme developing here…there’s a lot of free food at work.)

5. Forgot to mention: this weekend Viva was imitating Edna Mode from The Incredibles, with perfect intonation:

“You are ELASTIGIRL! (disgustedly) My GOD, (mimes smacking someone repeatedly) pull - yourself - together!” Hey, she comes by it honestly.


Cee in SF said...

Is Viva going to grow up to be a Comedian*? I hear that there can be only one.

I was going to write comedienne, but opted against it.

bridget in oregon said...

The title of your post is sooooooo funny. 'Meh' says so much without any wasted effort, doesn't it?

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Cee: I hardly see how it can be avoided. Her father and I are hopelessly goofy.

bridget: yup, pretty much says it all. I was trying to not go wholly negative considering it's supposed to be a list of positive things!