Thursday, March 05, 2009

Day Four. Thursday Thoughts on Grace.

1. Reason #567 to love my husband: he's been making sure I get uninterrupted time to work out in the evening.

2. 3:30am and I should be asleep, but I have Cily, wide awake next to me on the bed, skootching as close to me as possible so that when I open my eyes, her giant brown eyes are staring into mine, and she gurgles, and smiles, and grabs my face with her chubby little hand and squeezes my cheek, and I just have to learn to accept the sleep deprivation.

3. Reading Hope for the Flowers (which Amazon lists as for Grade 7 and up) with Viva, and realizing she’s really reading – we are alternating reading pages aloud, and she really gets it. When she gets to an unfamiliar word she pauses and she sounds it out and keeps going, and it is like she suddenly hit warp speed with the reading. She is awesome. She is Five, Hear Her Roar.

4. Making my work friends laugh hysterically as I show them my hip hop moves from this workout DVD.

5. Loving this.

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