Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Joy of Not Cooking

This week, suddenly and unexpectedly, I have completely lost interest in cooking.

You know, I think I had a fairly good run there. I'm one of those who sits down on Sunday and maps out meals for the week, and then draws up a grocery list based on that, and then pretty much follows the meal plan with a little improv here and there. But I've just had it. I just want to come home and spend some time with the kids. This evening when I came home with Cily, Sweet Dub was mid-workout in the living room. Viva was upstairs, having finished her homework, and she proudly showed me her MVP ribbon from football clinic at school. I changed my clothes and folded laundry while sitting on the floor in my bedroom next to Cily on her activity mat. Viva plopped down with us and began playing an elaborate game of cars, planes and dinosaurs, which I provided some of the voices for. It was -- dare I say it? -- relaxing.

Sweet Dub came upstairs and asked what we should do for dinner. I realized I would be fine eating some fruit and a bagel sandwich, so that's what Viva and I had for dinner. Dub had leftover tortellini. All was well and the world did not fall off its axis. I could get used to this. The End.


Molly said...

I think it's so hard to cook when you don't even want to eat a big meal anyway. I love Fridays in my house. That's my night off. I throw a take and bake pizza from Walmart in the oven and dinner is ready in 20 minutes. Ahhh, sweet freedom!

bridget in oregon said...

I love cooking most of the time but the daily dinner grind really wears me down, too. It takes so much time out of the evening. My spouse wouldn't make a piece of toast to save his life so sometimes it's like, "Oh, well. Sorry. Figure it out. I'm toast myself."

It sure does feel good to not have to do it. Would feel better if someone else did it once in a while too.

Nerd Girl said...

Amen. I haven't been able to convince myself to fix anything beyond pb sandwiches this week. Hey, at least we're getting protein...

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Molly: Fridays have been my night off, too! We always do takeout on Fridays - pizza, Thai, Chinese - or if we're really ambitious, we go out to eat (someplace family-friendly). Yeah, that's the best!

bridget: I LOVE to cook. It's kind of a creative outlet for me, but yeah - between cooking and cleaning up, it takes a chunk out of the evening. Trying to get Sweet Dub to cook at least twice a week and he DOES try. It's hard too when you cook and your kid says, "What is this? What's that green thing? Do I like it?" Ugh.

Nerd Girl: I made a decent dinner of marinated chicken breast, rice and sauteed spinach last night. It was shocking to me that I even threw that together! Hey, nothing wrong with peanut butter!